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Theme Rooms with Murals

pearl harbor mural
Art Effects wild west Mural
"Wild West Mural"

Creative Kids Rooms

beach mural with helicopter

Children's Rooms with Murals



Art Effects "Paints Your Imagination" within all our murals!
Using techniques in trompe l'oeil and faux finishing Art Effects can create hand painted wall murals that will make an impact on whoever enters a room. Follow the link below to see many of Art Effects' painted murals using trompe l'oeil, faux finishes with unique effects and other illusions with art.

an African mural using faux finishing and trompe l'oeil techniques
Follow this link to view the step by step process of The African Mural
Norman Bates and Psycho
alfred hitchcocks'pyscho

The Rear Window
alfred hictchcock's The rear window
"Can you tell where the Faux ends and the Real begins?"
step by step on how we painted a broken wall
Learn How to Break a Wall!

An Artist

" He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands, and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is An Artist. "

- St. Francis of Assisi

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The Big Bug Room

go gators


The Jungle Bed


Portable Murals
by Art Effects

Creating accents out of wood cut outs or canvas.
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Cheaper and easier for us to paint...Our portable murals, we are able to paint many of our mural ideas or design a custom one for your home or office. They can be painted on canvas or wood, either way is easy to install and remove.

Portfolio of Decorative Finishes...
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Hand Painted Furniture



Mural Painting by Art Effects

No matter which room you choose for a wall mural, by using creative techniques in trompe l'oeil and faux finish painting, Art Effects will always find a way to "Paint Your Imagination"! Please visit our links to Art Effects' Murals for examples of how we achieve these desired effects within our painted trompe l'oeil, murals and artwork. If you are seriously considering having a wall mural or murals painted in your home or office visit our mural painting page for some helpful tips and advice. To see just how much goes into the painting of one of these murals be sure to visit The African Mural step by step pages.
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Trompe L'Oeil Murals

Trompe L'Oeil Murals can be unique additions to the interior design of any room. It is not necessary for one of these murals to take up a whole wall. By using creative techniques with trompe l'oeil and faux finishes simple smaller accent murals can have a larger effect then if a whole room mural had been painted.

Custom Hand Painted Wall Murals by Art Effects

With Art Effects (most of time) a customer's budget plays a huge roll in the size and detail of one of our hand painted murals. A great detail of planning (see The African Mural) goes into each of our wall murals, our customers have input during the planning and designing stages of their mural. This way they can relay to us what they would like to see in their custom wall mural. We have a huge library of references for our murals and artwork and we use them, even when painting the simplest of things.
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