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Faux Finish Painting and the Art of Faux

Faux paintings are seen throughout history, starting with the Egyptian Pharaohs when they employed artists and craftsmen to replicate wood graining, using the techniques of faux finishing. Through the centuries the Greeks and Romans made huge advancements in the field of the Decorative Arts. With faux finishes and trompe l'oeil, they could cut construction costs by painting the grand architectural elements and other textures such as wood, stone, and marble that were in high demand at the time.

Faux and the Decorative Arts

In the decorative arts' probably the most popular faux finishes are faux bois and faux marbre, that is faux wood and faux marble. Both these techniques in faux painting were used when the real thing was too expensive or not practical in the construction field. Over the years faux finishers have developed many styles and techniques to duplicate the look of such finishes as aged plaster, marble, limestone, wood and distressed paint.
What has taken years to accomplish naturally, a skilled faux finisher can recreate in days and sometimes even hours.

Faux Stone

Art Effects' faux stone
Faux painted stone wall...
Let's Paint Faux Stones




Faux Art and Trompe L'Oeil

The art of faux finish painting and trompe l'oeil both can co-exist in any artist's or muralist's portfolio. Both a faux finish painting and a piece of trompe l'oeil art are used to create an illusion, that fools or "tricks the eye".

Faux Paintings VS. Trompe L'Oeil

If you think you have never seen a painted faux finish, well you are probably wrong, if executed correctly faux paintings are suppose to go unnoticed or at least designed to make you take a better look. Thus "the trick" which is what makes faux finishes closely related to trompe l'oeil. Even though they are alike in many ways there is a distinct difference between a faux and a trompe. Some faux finishes such as marbles and graining, are only successful if they are not recognized as being faux. The viewer needs to remain in the dark for the "faux trick" to be successful. In a trompe l'oeil the "trick of trompe l'oeil" is only accomplished if the viewer becomes aware they have been tricked.

Faux by Art Effects

Although you would expect to see examples of faux walls in our portfolio,
in our murals and artwork faux painted finishes are usually used either
as a back drop for our trompe l'oeil artwork
or within our murals where it is needed.
I guess this is where our faux finishes become an "Art Effect".
Our Effects in the decorative arts are endless.

Of course we do have a few examples of walls
that we have just simply applied a faux finish.


Follow the links below to some of our many faux and decorative finishing examples to see of how you can incorporate a faux finish into your unique wall treatment. Whether you add these decorative effects to a mural or create a unique piece of furniture, sometimes the simplest of techniques will cause a second look. Follow Art Effects as we add to the faux finish and decorative painting industry causing you to stop and take a second look.
faux marble

To see how this faux finish was accomplished
see our Faux Marble On A Ceiling
step by step and how to page.
"Can you tell where the Faux ends and the Real begins?"
step by step on how we painted a broken wall
Learn How to Break a Wall!

An Artist

" He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands, and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is An Artist. "

- St. Francis of Assisi

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Faux Finishes and
Art Effects

Art Effects' faux finishes...they aren't fake anything. Everything Art Effects paints is real, at least it is really painted. It is hard for us to separate our painted faux finishes from our trompe l'oeil art and murals, they are all part of a whole, which make up Our Art Effects. Our faux painted finishes with unique effects will have you wondering where the faux ends and the real begins?

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Hand Painted Furniture with Murals and Faux

Using our unique Art Effects on a custom designed piece of furniture we create and hand paint in our shop or one of your own, you will be guaranteed artwork that will make a lasting impression. Follow the link below to see some examples of our hand painted furniture, we create using talents in design, faux finishing, trompe l'oeil effects and mural painting.
custom baseball bed
Hand Painted Furniture Please visit the internet's most frequented faux painting and murals message board!

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